Assistance to foreign companies for routing entry strategies for investment in India and assisting them through Government regulations and procedures for setting up their operations in India. We assist our clients in complying with the provisions of Foreign Investment Management Act (FEMA) 1999 on routing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. We provide FDI consulting services to our clients. Assistance in obtaining necessary approvals from concerned authorities such as Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Secretariat for Industrial Assistance (SIA), and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) etc. We also assist clients in Industrial licensing, Government contracts, transfer of technology and licensing and repatriation. We assist companies in raising capital by way of FCCB’s, ADR/GDR etc. We advise foreign companies determine the most appropriate vehicles for their desired investment in India, ranging from establishing a Liaison Office, Branch Office, Representative Office, Joint Venture, Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Holding Companies and Acquisition of an existing company. We also advise on various provisions and procedures relating to imports and exports. We assist to draft various agreements such as joint venture agreement, shareholder’s agreements, share purchase agreements, memorandum and articles of association of joint venture companies for our clients.