1. Legal Notice and its importance: A “Legal Notice” is a notice indicating your opponent that you are preparing to litigate a lawsuit against him in case the so called demand is not fulfilled.
  2. There are certain legislations which make it mandatory to file a legal notice before filing any litigation otherwise that litigation will be bad in law. For e.g. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1938. It therefore becomes important for us to understand as to what is meant by Legal Notice which is discussed herein.
  1. Though every Legal-Notice can be legally sent through person himself also– but on the basis of experience ii is advisable that technical legal notice be drafted by a law firm. We at Kaleeyantey law firm are offering Legal Notices Services and you can contact us for getting your legal notices drafted so as to effectively seek resolution without going to court of law.
  2. Another important thing is the DRAFTING OF THE NOTICE– Many times we do not know the legal importance and meaning of the usual words which we use in a casual manner — So when you are writing down the legal-notice than you should be extremely careful about each and every word that you use and be cautious about not admitting any fact which you may later on want to deny in a court of law as once the legal notice is dispatched than you cannot make any changes in that and later on also you cannot make any contradictory statement from what you have already stated in a legal notice.
  3. classification of notices are as under oral or verbal notices v/s written notice, public and private notices, demand notices, validity of demand notices, actual and constructive notices, contractual and optional notices, reasonable and defective notices, composite notices, notice to admit, notice to produce, notification, notice of trail, notice of assessment, notice of accident, notice of dishonor application in provision of sec106 of T.P. Act,1882,notice of knowledge and notice of fact, notice of Action, notice of appeal.
  4. we Kaleeyantey Law firm are engaged with various types of notices under Different-different  act which are as under :
  • Notices under Administrative tribunal rules of practices, 1993
  • Notices under contempt of court C.A.T. rules, 1992
  • Notices under advocates Act, 1961 and the bar council of India rules, 1975
  • Notices under advocates welfare fund Act, 2001
  • Notices under Air corporation Rules, 1954
  • Notices under Aircraft rules, 1937
  • Notices under Air ( prevention and control of pollution)
  • Notices under Banking Documents, negotiable instrument and Dishonor of cheques Act
  • Notices under charted Accountant act 1949
  • Notices under companies act 2013
  • Notices under competition Act 2013
  • Notices under constitution of India
  • Notices under consumer protection Act 1986
  • Notices under Indian contract Act 1872
  • Notices relating to Debt
  • Notices under Easement and Licenses
  • Educational notices
  • Notices under Food Safety and Standards
  • Notices under Government securities Act 2006
  • Notices under Guardian and wards Act 1890
  • Notices under Hindu laws
  • Notices under Hire purchase
  • Notices under Hire purchase
  • Notices under Income Tax Act 1961 and Income tax rules
  • Notices under merchant shipping Act, 1958
  • Notices under Municipal Law
  • Notices under change of Name
  • Notices under Partnership Act, 1932
  • Notices under police Act, 1861
  • Notices under Post office Act 1898
  • Notices under Power of Attorney Act 1882
  • Notices under sale of goods Act, 1989
  • Notices Regarding Shares and shares Certificate
  • Notices under right to information Act 2005
  • Notices under specific relief Act, 1963
  • Notices under State Financial Corporation ACT, 1951
  • Notices under Indian SUCCESSION Act 1925
  • Notices under Title deed
  • Notices under Trade mark Act, 1999
  • Notices under Transfer of property Act 1982
  • Notices under Wild Life (Protection) Rules, 1995.



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