Nativity Certificate – Many Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) applicants face difficulties in obtaining documentation showing they are of Indian origin which leads to delay in processing applications, many applicants are denied OCI registration due to lack of proofs.

NRIs remitting their salary to India – Indians who work abroad invest their money back home. On its part, the government has ensured that its remittance and tax laws facilitate investments in India, still there are loads of Taxation red tapeism.

CENOMAR certificate – Certificate of No Marriage. This certificate is a certificate of bachelorhood and is needed in some countries to get married. This certificate proves the marital status of a person. It usually contains the seal and signature of the First Class Magistrate, for some countries this certificate has to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Unique Identification Number – Aadhar enrolments of NRIs is the same for the NRIs as it is for all other Indian citizens and a Unique Identification Number is given to NRIs. This number is required for opening bank accounts, making land transactions etc.

Property Search Report – property ownership details specifying owners and co-owners, description of the property/land, total land area, current valuation of the property.

Claiming Inherited Property in India – mutation of property, transfer of inherited gifted property in the name of the beneficiary

Partition of Joint or Ancestral Property – filing a partition suit for the partition of joint or ancestral property which could be ancestral land, house or a commercial establishment co-inherited by co-owners.

Effective Resolution of Landlord Tenant Disputes – We help our NRI clients in the effective enforcement of Rent Laws in India to safeguard their properties from unlawful tenants.

Criminal Litigation against NRIs – Many NRIs face wrongful charges and the fear of facing undue litigation in India makes them proclaimed offenders (POs). We have successfully represented such POs in various courts in India and helped them restore their legal rights.

State Consumer Commission and Consumer Court Matters against Realtors – to protect the interest of NRIs in case of delayed completion of the project and related matters.

Succession Certificate – Filing Succession Certificate to enable the NRI beneficiary to claim movable property of the deceased person. It is applied in the Civil Courts and is issued to the legal heirs of the deceased person after all the formalities have been adhered with.

Power of Attorney (POA) – Drafting accurate POA on behalf of NRIs to enable another person in India to act as their legal representative in India and make legally binding decisions on their behalf.

Divorce Matters – Contesting to set aside ex-parte divorce obtained in foreign countries, filing of divorce case due to misrepresentation, dowry, ill-treatment etc. in foreign country. Property evaluation in divorce matters for fair division of the property between the parties.

Child-custody – Filing of Case for child custody in cases where fraudulent means were adopted to get divorce in foreign country and child custody is also granted on similar basis.

Surrogacy Agreements – To avoid any future litigation or claims in terms of parentage or support in the matters related to surrogacy contract.

Will – Drafting, registration and safe keeping of legally enforceable will to avoid any future dispute among the legal heirs and proper succession planning.



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